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Industry Supports CERSA

Vern Hawkins

“Ensuring the safety and quality of food requires strong and innovative regulatory science capabilities to develop new tools, standards, and approaches that efficiently assess the safety, quality, and performance of products in the agricultural industry. We are proud to support investment in this critical science field, and look forward to continuing a strong collaboration with NC State University to create opportunities for developing students and working professionals, hosting workshops on critical agricultural science topics and supporting agricultural research.” — Vern Hawkins, President of Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC

NGOs Support CERSA

Jerry Barron

“IR-4 sole purpose is to help growers of fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and other specialty crops to gain access to safe and effective pest management technologies. Market access for specialty crop growers to critical for a safe food system. In collaboration with IR-4, CERSA has created data opportunities that ensure safe and effective pesticide regulatory guidelines.” — Jerry Barron, Director of The IR-4 Project