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AgTech360 Podcast

Through partnership with NC State and the Center of Excellence for Regulatory Science in Agriculture (CERSA), we have created a podcast that takes a 360° view into emerging agriculture technologies by creating dialogue among stakeholders in academia, industry, growers, producers, Extension specialists, the overall agriculture sustainability community, and other important stakeholders.
Join us with host, Adrian Percy, as we present this information in an engaging format encompassing multiple viewpoints and more as we explore AgTech together.

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Revolutionizing Row Crops with ZeaKal

May 31, 2023
19 minutes

On the last episode of this season of AgTech360, host Adrian Percy is joined by Han Chen, CEO and co-founder of ZeaKal. They discuss the challenges facing the volume-first row crop industry as well as opportunities to improve its nutrition and sustainability. ZeaKal is using its photosynthesis-enhancing crop technology to reharmonize the supply chain by building customized solutions, half a million acres at a time.