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Call for Interns 2024

Apply now to sponsor a student intern for Summer of 2024.

A vital part of the outreach arm of CERSA is the CERSA internship program open to students in the Regulatory Science certificate program. As technology and innovation grows by leaps and bounds, it is imperative that students graduating to careers in regulatory agriculture have a strong foundational knowledge in regulatory science, and are prepared for a field that relies heavily on collaboration, research, and professional skills, and CERSA is in the unique position to be able to offer that experience to students. By fulfilling this need with our stakeholders, we are able to provide our students with the academic focus and professional skills necessary for success in these organizations.

We are currently recruiting mentors for our 2024 CERSA Internship. We are in our third year of this program, and we would like to be able to offer even more opportunities for students this year. Please contact if you would like a template for the internship proposal. In order to keep with our desired timeline to attract the best students, we would kindly request to receive your abstract by August 30th, so we can post these early in the fall semester. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will post these to our student employment portal in late September 2023.

Thank you for your consideration and for your support of CERSA.

CERSA Internship Program Overview
In order for students to be prepared to step into an agriculturally-focused regulatory science career, become better stewards of our environment, and make difficult decisions that will impact the most vulnerable populations, they must first understand how the best available science is incorporated into regulatory and policy decisions at the state, national, and international levels. To achieve our shared goal of educating and graduating promising students prepared for STEM careers in government, with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and in industry or academia, the Center of Excellence for Regulatory Science in Agriculture (CERSA) proposes to initiate the country‚Äôs first Regulatory Science in Agriculture Internship and Mentoring Program. This internship and mentoring program will be open initially to students enrolled in the Regulatory Science in Agriculture program at NC State University and Louisiana State University (LSU), respectively.

Application Timeline and Process:
Beginning in fall 2024, undergraduate and graduate students at NC State and LSU will be invited to apply to the CERSA internship and mentoring program. For this year’s cohort, CERSA intends to support stipends for five to six interns. In future years, CERSA will look to expand the program to accommodate larger cohorts through grants and other funding opportunities. Mentors and their affiliated organizations will not be required to provide direct funding in support of the program in order to participate.

CERSA Internship Program Brief 2024

Time of Program: mid-May 2024- mid-August 2024  

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Internship Program Description

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